Jan 24, 2016; Jan31
Feb8 ; Feb14 ; Feb 21 ; Feb 28
Mar 6 "Prodigal Son"
Mar 13 "Can I Get A Little Love?"
Mar 20 "Palm Sunday Sermon"
Mar 24, 25, 27 Maundy Thurs; Good Fri; Easter Sermons
Apr 3 ‘blessed are those who have not seen and have come to believe’
Apr 10 "Can Bad People Be Turned Around"
Apr 17 " Go There and Show You Care!"
Apr 24 "Throw out the Rules!"
May 1 "Sharing the Peace"
May 8 "Unity"
May 15 "Lifelong Learning"
May 22 "Our Hope"
May 26 "Feeling Unworthy"
June 12 "Check Your Sin Statistics"
June 19 "Accept the Mentally Ill"
June 26 "Barriers to Following Jesus"
July 3 "Lamb Among the Wolves"
July 10 "The Good Samaritan" poem
July 17 "May the Force of Faith Be With You"
July 31 "Share Your Riches"
Aug 7 "Have Faith"
Aug 14 "Handling Conflict"
Aug 21 "Its Never a Bad Time to Show Love"
Aug 28 "Humbleness & Humility"
Sept 4 "Doing Good has its Own Reward"
Sept 25 "Where's the Love?"
Oct 2 "Are You Complaining?"
Oct 9 "Say Thank You!"
Oct 16 "Never Give Up"
Oct 23 "Good Shepherd Outreach" (Temple Talk by Gil Vatter)
Nov 1 Pastor's Message
Nov 6 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (need for a future hope)
Nov 13 "Learn to Let Go"
Nov 20 "Elect King Jesus"
Nov 24 "Happy Thanksgiving"
Nov 27 "Watch for God's Love"
Dec 4 "God Never Gives Up On Us"
Dec 11 "Don't Give Up Hope for God's Deliverance
Dec 18 "Have a Good Heart"
Dec 24 Christmas Eve, "God Loves the Lowly Shepherd"
Jan 8, 2017 " God has anointed us with His love"
Jan 15 "Sacrifice"
Jan 22 "Looking For a Few Good Men"
Jan 29 "Life is Good"
Feb 5 "U R"
Feb 12 "Religion = Following God in Life"
Feb 19 "Love Your Enemies"
Feb 26 "Transfiguration"
Mar 1 "Ash Wednesday"
Mar 5 "A Test of Jesus"
Mar 12 "Born From Above"
Mar 19 "Different Type of Thirst"
Mar 26 "Parable of the Blind Man"
Apr 2 "Miracle of Lazarus"
Apr 9 "The Passion"
Apr 13 "What Would Jesus Say?"
Apr 14 "Father, Forgive Them"
Apr 16 "Christ is Risen"
Apr 23 "Accept & Embrace"
May 7 "We are Called by Name"
May 14 "A Place for Us"
May 14 Mothers Day Prayer
May 28 "We Are Not Alone"
June 4 "Happy Birthday to the Christian Church!"
June 11 "Life in 3s"
June 18 "God Cares"
June 25 "No Fake News"
July 2 "Reward by Association"
July 9 "We can not fail"
July 16 "Seeds on Fertile Ground"
July 23 "Be Inclusive"
July 30 "Little Bit of Love"
Aug 6 "Compassion and Love"
Aug 13 "Good Rescues"
Aug 20 "Show Kindness"
Aug 27 "Be In Charge"
Sept 3 "Sacrifice"
Sept 10 "Hear the Truth"
Oct 10 "Build Solid Foundation"
Oct 22 "Damned if you do and damned if you don’t"
Oct 29 "Hero or Trouble-Maker"
Nov 5 "Past-Present-Future"
Nov 12 "Gifts to God"
Nov 19 "Use Your Talents"
Nov 26 "You Are Loved & Forgiven"
Dec 3 "Be Watchful"
Dec 10 "Remove Obstacles"
Dec 17 "The Lord is With You"
Dec 24 "Nativity of Our Lord."
Jan 7, 2018 "Take that 1st Step"
Jan 14, 2018 "Dont Doubt the Message/Messenger"
Jan 21 "Repent"
Jan 28 "Messenger of God"
Feb 11 "Transfiguration"
Feb 14 "Ash Wednesday"
Feb 18 "A Contract With God"
Feb 25 "Faith In God"
Mar 4 "Sacred Time and Space for God"
Mar 11 "Appreciate God's Love"
Mar 18 "Jesus Sacrificed"
Mar 25 "Desciples"
Mar 29 "Love- Humbly Serving"
Apr 1 "Surprises"
Apr 9 "Have Faith"
Apr 14 "God's Work Changes Things"
Apr 22 "What Are You Invested In?"
Apr 29 "Connected to Jesus"
May 6 "Bear Fruit"
May 20 "We Can Learn"
May 27 "Born Again
Jun 3 "Religion-A Way of life"
Jun 10 "Give and Sacrifice"
Jun 17 " From Small Beginnings Do Great Things Come"
Jun 24 "Peace Comes From Belief"
Jul 1 "Faith in the Power of God"
Jul 8 "Just Move On"
Jul 15 "God Will Reward Us for Doing right"
Jul 29 "Trust in the Little Gift From Self"
Aug 5 "Be Fed by Jesus"
Aug 12 "Hang in There"
Aug 19 "Aim for the Work of God"
Aug 26 "It is Our Choice"
Sept 2 "Our Defiant Self"
Sept 9 "Do Not Discriminate"
Sept 16 "How are we do’in?"
Sept 23 "Be a Servant to Others"