Mothers Day Prayers from worship at church this morning.......

Loving God who gives us so many good things….
We give thanks for all we have on this earth and for the promise of a place for us when we time comes for us to leave this world to join with you in the next life. Lord in your mercy….

We thank you for Jesus who brought us the assurance that he will take us to safety and bliss in your house of many rooms.  
Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for the church everywhere and especially for all the Lutheran churches within the NJ Synod who work together to share your gospel of that promise.
Lord in your mercy…

We pray for our nation and its leaders and for all leaders in every land who are in control of the welfare of their people.   Guide them to be wise and compassionate in that responsibility and to follow the same kind of leadership your Son put forth.   And when they don’t, be with those who speak up against those leaders and instigate for the truth of righteousness.
Lord in your mercy….

Throughout the world,…..wherever there is hunger, we pray they be fed.
Wherever there is destruction of the planet, we pray to protect your creation.
Wherever there is hatred, we pray for love.
Wherever there is discrimination, we pray for acceptance of each other.
Wherever there is violence and death, we pray for peace and life.
Lord in your mercy

We thank you for mothers, on this Mother’s Day, and for the gift of love that they give to us in carrying us in their wombs,…in giving birth to us…and in helping us to feel loved and cared for.
We pray for all mothers,….especially those who struggle with unwanted pregnancies,….for those who are not supported by the father of their child,… for those who have difficulties getting pregnant,…. for those who could be better mothers,….. and for those who give birth to children who have infirmities.
And, in our prayers today,…we remember our mothers who have already gone to their place you have prepared for them
Lord in your mercy,….

We pray for those struggling with faith,…those who are in need of peace in their hearts,….and those suffering with grief and sorrow.
Assure them that they are not forgotten by you and that trust in your love will bring them the peace that they seek
Lord in your mercy…
And Lord, we pray for all with health concerns…especially those on our prayer list and those we lift to you from within our hearts….
Lord, in your mercy,……