Dec 17, 2017 message is based on Luke 1:26-38

In the Old Testament lesson this morning, we heard King David’s right hand man.
Nathan, who was the King’s primary advisor, gave him some situational guidance.
The King had been through a long ordeal fighting with enemies and was now resting.
And so David’s next thought is that he wants to build a temple for the Lord God.
Nathan offers him sound advice when he says “Go do all that you have in mind”.

So why do you think that Nathan suggested David proceed to build that temple?’
How many of you think it was because interest rates were low and it was affordable?
How many of you think that the quality of materials were particularly good that year?
How many think Nathan felt if the king was kept busy, it’d keep him out of trouble?

Well,….if you raised your hand on any of those you’re wrong!
The answer as to why Nathan’s advice was given is in the very next verse that we read.
It says that Nathan told the King to do this because “the Lord is with you”.

That, in a nutshell, covered all those bases as well as a multitude of others.
Nathan, being the wise man that he was, knew this is what ultimately mattered most.
So any fears that David may have had, could now be dealt with as he went ahead.

A few hundred years later, we have another story where that same truth is told.
This time the advice comes from a higher authority - an angel speaking to Mary.
The angel is about to bring Mary news that will change her life and that of the world.
And the angel knows that this news, (and it’s mere presence), will be a little unsettling.
So to help her relax, the angel reminds the young maiden that “The Lord is with you”.
After some talk back and forth, Mary says “let it be with me according to your word”.

So why do you think Mary went ahead with this plan put before her?’.
Was it because she always wanted a child and didn’t care how she got pregnant?
Was it because she wanted to become famous and have songs written about her?
Was it because she wanted to have a baby shower and get lots of gifts?

No,….she accepted and proceeded for the same reason that King David did.
They both embraced what the angel told Mary and what Nathan told the King.
That God was with them!
So they both had enough faith that, in spite of what the odds might be and regardless of what they may have feared, to go ahead.

This statement that ‘God is with you’ is a major part of what Christians believe.
It’s a major part of what we are told in church every week in worship.
Its a major part of what gives us comfort and solace in a sick and troubled world.
Its a major part of what compels us to act sometimes when we otherwise wouldn’t.
It’s a major part of what helps us to overcome our hesitancy and fears in life.
God is with you.

When you’re young, unmarried and unexpectedly pregnant like Mary,…God is with you.
When you’re adversaries gang up on you to humiliate you like David,…God is with you. When you’re about to lose your job, or about to get divorced,… God is with you.
When the bills pile up or you have finance trouble,…..God is with you.
When a friend is in trouble and you don’t know what to say,…God is with you.
When we’ve done things wrong and need to be absolved of that,….God is with you. 
When you’re sick or get a bad doctor report or troubling test results,…God is with you.
When a friend, relative, or a close family member or child dies,….. God is with you.
And whenever when we will die,…God is with us.

When no one else is around or interested or willing to help us,…..God is with us.
With us to help us make wise decisions when we call upon his wisdom.
With us to be by our side when life’s events cause us to be afraid.
With us to walk to guide us through the troubled landscape of adversity.
With us to help us heal when we are grieving and to strengthen our faith in such times.
With us to bring us to a better place with him when this life is over.

In all these and other instances, sometimes we can be like King David or Mary.
Having a monumental task put before us or an unexpected demand asked of us.
The words spoken to Mary gave her faith to accept her calling - ‘The Lord is with you’.
The words spoken to King David motivated him to go forward - ‘The Lord is with you’.
No matter wherever life takes us or whatever life brings us … The Lord is with you.

When you’re driving in your car or shopping at the store,….
when you’re at your wits end and feel like you can’t do any more,….
when you’re with other people or when you’re all alone,….
when you’re moving around in the world or just sitting there at home,….
God is with you.

With you, through the miracle of the birth, the life, and the death of Jesus Christ.
With you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
With you today, tomorrow and always.