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One of the most important ways we give thanksgiving to God for what he has bestowed upon us through Christ is by responding to the needs of God's people, especially our brothers and sisters in need. We have a Social Ministry Team at Good Shepherd that provides a myriad of opportunities to aid our neighbors. We are actively engaged in the battle against hunger.

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Outreach programs being supported by Good Shepherd include:
1. Lunchbreak in Red Bank - Good shepherd has been supporting Lunchbreak for many years, supplying coffee and other items.
2. The Bayshore Lunch Program in Keyport- The congregation supplied and prepared food on the first Tuesday of every month for over ten years. We now have sponsors who write a check for $75.00 to cover the cost of food, which is now prepared by the managers of the kitchen. If you are interested in being a future sponsor, contact Gil Vatter for details.
3. Family Promise - furniture and affordable housing.
4. World Hunger Appeal - Cash donations to help supply food to every part of the world where hunger is a problem. A drive for funds is now underway and Thrivent has promised to match a part of what is raised for this project. For more information see Mike Carp.
5. Community Outreach Group, Inc. (COG) - Good Shepherd is one of 10 churches represented on COG's Board of Trustees. COG's purpose is to provide services to persons in need in the local community. Among these services are a food pantry, a free clothing and household items cupboard, and a fund to provide emergency financial aid. For more information see Nancy Fitch.

Good Shepherd also believes that the family who prays together should play together. Our fellowship Ministry Team works intentionally to provide the congregation with events for fun and fellowship. Some examples include: Sunday morning coffee, potluck suppers, special children's programs, receptions, and our annual Christmas dinner. These are just a few of the ways we grow in our personal relationships with one another so that we can better serve Christ's Church.

Telling the Good News of God's love in Christ is also an important area we emphasize at Good Shepherd. We regularly look for opportunities to inform the community about what we are doing in response to God's gifts, and we are trying to be intentional about inviting others to come and see for themselves the marvelous things God has and will do for us. The Good News we have to share is that God loves us. Jesus Christ died for us. God resurrected Jesus from the dead. Forgiveness is a gift and the door to eternal life has been opened. We can't help but share the profound joy we have found in this message of hope.

We hope this brief overview of some of Good Shepherd's ministry priorities will help you to become better acquainted with what we are all about. We personally invite you to come and see for yourself. Come and experience what it means to be part of a Christian community that continually seeks to be the responsive people that God has made us. Join us as we encounter the love of God in the Living Lord, Jesus Christ. Our life at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd is centered around our worship of God and Christ. Our weekly gathering around God's Word and the Sacraments nourishes us in our faith and strengthens us for service to the Lord.