4/3/2016 note from Pastor Pete
1. As many of you know, we have purchased a new Paschal (Christ) Candle for our Sanctuary!   It is beautiful and was first lit on Easter Sunday morning.   We also purchased two new Altar candles that are very attractive as well and more size appropriate than the previous ones.  And, all of these candles are oil-filled so that we will have no troubles with wax drippings and spills or candle shrinkage.    They will remain beautiful all of the time.    Please take a moment to thank Nancy Hergenhan for all the work she did locating and securing the candles.   She, along with a small 'Altar Guild' team selected the most attractive Paschal candle for the church.
To recognize the new adornments to our Sanctuary, we will have a special blessing of the Paschal (and other) candles at the start of worship on the last Sunday in the Easter Season, May 8 at 10:00.  We hope that you all can be there for this!
2. Wanted to tell everyone that new and updated Congregation Directories have been printed and are in the Narthex on the information table.  Please take one when you are at church or, if you can't be here, please ask secretary Pat Dunn to send you one.
Have a blessed day and week