Gettysburg College Choir Free Concert Photo

March 11, Holmdel, NJ.


The Gettysburg College Choir, premier choral ensemble of the Sunderman Conservatory

of music will perform at The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Holmdel, NJ on

Monday evening March 11 at 7:00 PM. Admittance is free to the public but a good will

offering will be made to support of the church's work to help solve World Hunger.


The Gettysburg College Choir is known for superlative performance of choral literature

from Renaissance era to contemporary music.  The ensemble sings at major concerts at

Gettysburg College and tours annually, including major cities from New York, NY to

Nashville, TN. 


The choir also tours internationally and has spread their musical talents to areas such as

 Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Canada   The choir will perform music from artists

such as Jeffrey Van , A.R. Rahman and Sydney Guillaume.  The college choir will also

perform a medley of songs titled "Letters from Gettysburg" in honor of the 150th

anniversary of the Civil War.  These pieces were originally composed by Dr. Avner

Dorman, one of the most successful and renown ed composers today.  While composing,

Dorman also teaches as an assistant  professor of music  at the Sunderman Conservator of

Music.  The concert will last about 40 minutes.


The college choir is comprised of approximately 45 undergraduate singers that include

both music majors and students in other majors , from Anthropology to Health Sciences.

Singers are selected through a competitive audition process, and the ensemble is

committed to the highest levels of musicianship and professionalism.


After the concert refreshments will be served.


The Lutheran church of the Good Shepherd is located at 112 Middletown Road, Holmdel,

NJ.  Phone:  732-842-4596