New program for children at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Good Shepherd will start a new program for children on Sunday mornings starting the first Sunday in Lent on February 14, 2016.  The new program will invite Sunday School children, and their families, to our regular worship at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings.  The children will then be present for the opening part of our worship until we reach the point where we have the bible readings and the sermon. Then the children and their teacher will be excused to go to the Sunday School room to have their own lesson on the same readings held at the regular worship.

Their activities in Sunday School will therefore be conducted during regular worship time.  After the sermon and at the time we have sharing of the peace and are about to have the offering, the children will return to worship in the Sanctuary and join with everyone as we celebrate Holy Communion and then remain there until all are dismissed.    

Pastor Peter Hutchinson calls it Children's Church because the purpose is to more fully include children in the most important thing we do as a congregation. This, then will replace the existing and traditional idea of Sunday School being held at a separate and different time before regular worship.  Children and their parents will come to and be in church at the same time as everyone else.  Also, to help children be more involved in our worship, we plan to give the children the opportunity to share in some of the tasks that we do on Sunday's before and during worship service, such as Greeters, Ushers, even Communion Assistants and readers if they would like.  Of course, those who now serve as Acolytes will do that as well. 

We hope that all members and visitors will look forward to this and welcome the children and their families in all that they do with us on Sunday mornings.

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