Hello to all. (9/16/2017

I recently met with Pastor Karen Strietelmeier, the new pastor at King of Kings Lutheran Church.   She just began there on Sept. 1.
I was very impressed with her and fully expect that she will do a great job as pastor for that congregation and as co-teacher with me.

We agreed on much, including for our churches to continue to hold confirmation classes together.   
Most of class will be the same.   Pastor Karen and I will take turns teaching and, liked last year, we will hold the first four months of classes (Oct-Jan) at King of Kings and the last four months (Feb.-May) at Good Shepherd.
Classes will once again be on Sunday mornings following worship at 11:30.

What will be different is that we intend to hold classes twice a month, on the first and third Sundays of each month.   We both felt that once a month was insufficient.  
The first classes will be on Sunday, October 1st and then on October 15th at King of Kings.
We also will be skipping the pizza part and just hold class from 11:30-12:30 each session.

All students are expected to attend every class as well as attend worship regularly.   And we will be looking at ways in which students can help serve the church and God.
I expect that we will all (teachers and students) learn a lot and even have some fun in the year ahead.

I'll look forward to seeing you and if you have questions, please write or give me a call

Thanks and blessings to you

Pastor Peter Hutchinson